FOAMSOL (Antifoam)

FOAMSOL (Antifoam)

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Foamsol is a water based emulsion of dimethylpolysiloxane designed to control foams produced in kettle and fermenter.


Dimethylpolysiloxane is an inert polymer which is highly effective in foam suppression. Bubble collapse occurs as a result of reduction of surface tension in the liquid film.


  • Increased kettle utilization.
  • Increased fermenter utilization.
  • Preservation of foam-positive proteins.
  • Increased alpha-acid utilization.
  • Elimination of over-foaming problems.
  • Optimized CO2 recovery.
  • Enhanced vessel cleaning.

Treatment Rate

0.5-2.5 ml (10-50 drops) per 25L batch depending on beer type and addition point.


Foamsol should be stored in cool (3°C – 30°C) dry conditions in unopened packaging. Shelf life is 36 months for unopened packaging in recommended storage conditions

Technical Data Sheet