Hi! My name is Josh, I live in the beautiful Sunshine State on the northern side of Brisbane and I am a home brewer just like you!

Brewing is my passion, I have brewed a wide variety of Beers, Ciders, Meads and even dipped my toe into Spirits. But as the cost of ingredients has slowly risen over the years I have grown frustrated with the price of brewing a great batch of beer. Even participating in a bulk buy through various LHBS’s, I was not receiving any great discounts.

This is the reason why I have created Mates Rates! I don’t believe that brewing should be an expensive hobby so I went out with my own savings and purchased as much hops as I could afford in the hopes to make brewing that little bit cheaper for everyone.

The motto I stand behind is to bulk buy so that you don’t have to, saving you money and space.

If you have any questions about any of the products I sell or brewing in general, please feel free to send me a message using a Contact Form or Facebook Page, or you can always find me on Home Brewers Australia Facebook group.

If you would like to check out my home brewing journey, feel free to follow me on Instagram @TheAussieBrewer

Mates Rate Home Brew Supplies


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