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Beer contains polyphenols which may form complexes by interacting with some specific proteins. These complexes create a haze when they remain in suspension. The haze level will depend on the polyphenol content in the beer and the particles density (W/V) will impact the stability of the haze. Spring’BlancheTM is a yeast extract rich in native proteins of various molecular weights which will specifically interact to produce a permanent stable haze. It is ideal to produce hazy beers (wheat beers, Belgian Style Wit / Blanches or hazy IPAs).


Yeast Protein Extract

Usage recommendations:

Haze produced by Spring’BlancheTM is highly dependent on the beer composition and brewing process. It is recommended to perform some preliminary dosage trials before the first use in commercial beers. It is to be pointed out that beer pasteurization may slightly increase the final haze in beer.

It is recommended to dose Spring’BlancheTM at the beginning of the maturation step to get an optimum result. Spring’BlancheTM addition during fermentation is not recommended.


  • Mix with beer (or process water) before usage. Dispersion should take less than 3 minutes.
  • Disperse Spring’BlancheTM on the surface of beer or water between 20°C to 30°C under medium agitation (may be difficult to disperse at concentrations in the hydration medium higher than 150 g/L).
  • If Spring’Blanche is hydrated in water, it should be either containing a minimum of 3ppm iso-alpha acids or it should definitely be used within 4 hours after hydration.

Points of attention
? Concentrations above 20 g/hl may impact the beer flavor profile.
? Some enzymes such as proteases may significantly decrease the efficiency of Spring’Blanche.


Optimal dose is 2.3g into 23 Litres.

Between 0.05g/L and 0.2g/L (5 g/hl and 20 g/hl)
An optimum dosing rate of 10 g/hL (0.1g/L)


For less than 6 months: the product must be stored under 24°C. For more than 6 months: the product must be stored under 15°C. For short period not exceeding 7 days there is an exception to these rules.

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