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ABV Vicant SB - 100g

ABV Vicant SB - 100g

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Vicant SB is an antioxidant and anti-browning agent designed to enhance flavour and colloidal stability in beer. It is a white, crystalline powder which is fully soluble in water.

Vicant SB supplies sources of sulphur dioxide and ascorbate.

The active components function in two  ways, by scavenging dissolved oxygen and blocking staling reactions.

Vicant slows the formation of off flavors, typically described as paper or cardboard, by binding with the causative carbonyl compounds, particularly trans-2-nonenal.

Vicant also contains oxygen scavengers. These act at different rates, the faster acts to protect the beer during pasteurization, the slower to protect during storage.

Improved flavor stability.

Improved colloidal stability.

Slower rate of browning.

A treatment rate is typically in the range of 2-3 g/hl.

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