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  • Isomerized Hop Extract 30 % (Iso- Extract) is an aqueous solution of the potassium salts of iso-alpha acids produced exclusively from CO2 hop extract.
  • Iso-Extract can be used post- fermentation to adjust bitterness or to partially replace conventional hop products used to impart bitterness.
  • Iso-Extract is typically added prior to filtration and has the highest yield of all hop products


Clear, pale amber to yellow aqueous solution of the potassium salts of iso-alpha acids
ISO-ALPHA ACIDS typically 30.0 ±2.0% (w/w)
ALPHA ACIDS < 0.6% HOP OIL < 0.1% pH 9.0 (±1.0)
VISCOSITY 15 – 20 mPas at 20°C (68°F)
DENSITY 1.065 (±0.005)g/ml at 20°C (68°F)

Iso-Extract is typically used for the post fermentation adjustment of beer bitterness.


Dosage of Iso-Extract (typically 30 %) is based on the concentration of the Iso-Extract, the expected utilization and the desired intensity of bitterness in the beer.

The following calculations are based on an assumed utilisation of 80%. (IAA = iso-?-acids).

Desired Sensory Bitterness Units = BU
Dosage IAA in mg/L (80% ???????????) = BU × 100/80
Dosage in grams IAA per hL of beer = BU × 100/80 × 100/1000

Dosage amount of Isohop® (30%IAA) in g/hL :
BU × (100/80) × (100/1000) × (100/30) g/hL = BU × 0.42g/hL

Amount of Isohop® (30%IAA) in mL/hL:
BU × (100/80) × (100/1000) × (100/30) × (1/1.075) mL/hL = BU × 0.39 mL/hL

(e. g. for 5 desired sensory bitterness units 5 X 100/80 X 100/1000 X 100/30 = 2.1 g/hL 30% Isohop? is necessary if utilisation is 80%)


Iso-Extract is added at full strength (undiluted) prior to filtration. If necessary, it can be diluted to 2 – 5 % with demineralized water. Should a slight haze appear, it can be eliminated by adding a potassium carbonate (K2CO3) solution to adjust the pH to 8 – 9. Never dilute full-strength IsoExtract with beer, as the lower pH will cause precipitation. Suitable dosing equipment should be used to add Iso-Extract into the beer stream at a point where vigorous mixing is assured during beer transfer. If containers are used over several days, it is recommended that the headspace be flushed with nitrogen (CO2 is not suitable).


Iso-Extract should not be left in dosing lines at low temperatures. Lines and dosing pumps should be flushed with warm, slightly alkaline, demineralized water or ethanol for purposes of cleaning.


Iso-Extract should be stored in sealed containers at 5 – 15°C (41 – 59 °F). Avoid exposure to sunlight and use opened containers as soon as possible.


Iso-Extract is stable for three years from the date it was produced / packaged if stored under the recommended conditions.

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