US Cascade Hop Extract – 10g “Hop Shot”

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US Cascade Hop Extract – 10g “Hop Shot” 34.75%AA

CO2 Hop Extract is a pure resin produced through supercritical CO2 extraction, whereby the essential bittering and aromatic compounds of hops (alpha acids, beta acids, and oils) are separated from the leafy plant material. The extraction process removes solids, while the CO2 is recovered and reused. The final resin is then analyzed for brewing values and packaged

Benefits of CO2 Hop Extracts Increased kettle and FV yields through reduced trub Reduced kettle foaming during the boil Increased hop utilization from early boil additions Reduced shipping costs Variety-specific hop character when used in whirlpool Reduced polyphenol flavor contribution from plant material Improved shelf stability vs. pellet & whole cone hops Reduced storage space requirements

Some benefits of using hop extract over other hop forms:

– reduced levels of tannin’s and polyphenols in the beer.
– improvements in flavour stability.
– improved physical aspects of beer quality such as haze formation and beer foam retention.
– significant reduction in hop trub.

Brewing with CO2 Hop Extracts

CO2 Hop Extracts require wort boiling to isomerize their alpha acids. Early kettle additions (~ 60 minutes of boil time) will lead to an alpha acid utilization of approximately 35%. Actual utilization is dependent on equipment, process, and recipe specifics.

CO2 extracts are not isomerized, so you need to boil them just like regular hops to get bitterness. To estimate the bitterness added, you can treat them as a regular hop addition with an alpha content equal to their alpha concentration. For most Hop Extracts this is 35-65% alpha, so you can add a new “Hopshot” hop entry with alpha acid percentage to develop a recipe.

For simplicity you can use the approximate density of 1 gram for 1 ml of hop extract. So adding 1ml or 1g of 34.75% alpha extract boiled for 60 minutes in a 1.050 OG beer gives around 7 IBU’s depending on your exact equipment losses and equation used.

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