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Prevent the formation of Diacetyl with a few drops of ALDC.


ALDC is an enzyme that causes the direct decarboxylation of alpha acetolactate to acetoin, thus avoiding the production of Diacetyl and reducing maturation time. ALDC is produced from a submerged culture of Bacillus subtilis.


  • Reduces Diacetyl production
  • Significantly reduces maturation times
  • More efficient vessel utilisation
  • Increases production capacity
  • Reduces energy usage
  • Improves beer quality

Guidelines for use

  • Check that the product is within its shelf life before use
  • Read the Safety Data Sheet prior to use
  • Care should be taken to avoid unnecessary skin contact during handling

Application and rates of use

When used in the initial fermentation

The product can be mixed in with the cold wort at the beginning of fermentation at a rate of  2.5-5ml/hL (0.5-1ml (10-20 drops) per 20L) of beer which equates to 10 to 50 ppm. To ensure even distribution of the enzyme it is recommended that it be added as the wort is being run into the fermenter.

Optimum Conditions of Use

The optimum pH for the product lies between 5 and 7; the optimum temperature lies between 25 and 40°C

Storage & shelf life

  • Store in cool conditions, away from direct sunlight
  • Keep containers sealed when not in use
  • Do not allow the product to freeze
  • The product gives optimal performance when stored as recommended and used within 18 months from the production date,
  • The product can be delivered at ambient temperature.
  • Following delivery, the product should be stored as recommended at 0-10°C

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