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Brewers Clarex® is a unique, patented enzyme that streamlines stabilization by avoiding the formation of haze and thus allowing you to skip the deep cooling step, shortening your stabilization time from days to minutes and reducing water and energy usage.

Brewers Clarex allows brewers to easily produce gluten-reduced beer while still being able to determine their favorite recipe and brew a great tasting beer. It can be used with all types of malts and other raw materials.

Because Brewers Clarex® is applied easily as a liquid, there is no need for powder filtration aids (PVPP or Silica Gels), reducing the risk of oxygen introduction and supporting first time right results. Furthermore, it’s easy to apply to any brewing process, it needs no big investment and has no impact on beer (taste or foam) quality.

Cheaper alternative to WLE4000 Clarity Ferm


  • 1ml (20 drops) per 25L when pitching yeast.

Storage and shelf life

  • Recommended storage temperature 4-8°C
  • Keep containers sealed when not in use
  • Storage temperature should be constant
  • Under recommended conditions, the activity loss will be less than 5% within 18 months

Technical Data Sheet

Gluten Reduction

Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm

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