US Zamba
US Zamba

US Zamba

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2020 US Zamba 9.3% AA T90 pellets.

Zamba™ formerly known as Samba hop blend boasts remarkably juicy tropical fruits (pineapple, mango), stone fruits, candy, and orange tangerine.

The Zamba™ Hop Blend has a complex aroma characterized by juicy pineapple and mango with bursts of stone fruits, and tangerine.

Brewing Application

Zamba™ is perfect for late kettle and dry hop additions for big juicy and hazy IPAs, or any other hop-forward ale or lager. Early brewing trials showed the fruity character exhibited in sensory carried through into the finished product.

  • Flavor Profile: Tropical, Tangerine, Stone Fruit
  • Beer Style Recommendations: Hazy IPA, IPAs, Pale Ale, Session IPA
  • Usage: Aroma, Late Kettle Addition

Zamba™ Hop Statistics:

  • Alpha Acid: 8.0-12.0%
  • Beta Acid: 4.0-6.0%
  • Co-Humulone as % of Alpha: 28-32%
  • Total Oil mL/100g: 1.2-1.6
  • Myrcene: 60 - 70%
  • Humulene: 9 - 13%
  • Caryophyllene: 5 - 8%
  • Farnesene: 1 - 4%