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2020 US LUPOMAX Mosaic 18% AA Cryo pellets.

LUPOMAX™ enriched hop pellets are a natural hop product, concentrated in the resins and essential oils that give hops their distinctive character. They provide intense hop flavors and aromas combined with a decrease in vegetal and grassy attributes.

LUPOMAX™ pellets are produced via the mechanical enrichment of lupulin under highly controlled conditions and low temperatures to protect the sensitive hop components.

LUPOMAX™ has been designed to deliver optimized hop flavor. By reducing the vegetative matter, this pellet provides cleaner, more intense hop flavor without the
undesirable grassy, astringent flavors.

They can be introduced into the brewing process anywhere Type 90 (T90) hop pellets are employed, but best practice is addition late in the kettle boil, to the whirlpool, or preferably as a dry-hop addition during fermentation or maturation.

LUPOMAX™ pellets are hand selected for quality each crop year, gently processed, and designed for maximum consistency.


  • Consistent lupulin concentration for optimized hop flavor
  • Lupulin standardisation for reliable brewing performance
  • Sensory Plus™ process delivers consistency and true-to-type hop flavor
  • Reduces beer loss; More beer to sell

Mosaic® (HBC 369) is an aroma hop variety that offers a unique and complex blend of floral, tropical, fruity, and earthy characteristics that translate very favourably into several beer styles.


  • LUPOMAX™ Hop Pellets


Approximately 70% the volume (by weight) of T90 equivalent.


Alpha Acids: 19%
HSI: 0.289
Moisture: 7.1%
Oil Content: 2.2ml/100g


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