SafCider AB-1 (Ballanced) 5g

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This strain of this yeast is Saccharomyces bayanus and is recommended for all types of ciders even under difficult fermentation conditions.

Fermentis SafCider x 5g Yeast – Superseded by Fermentis SafCider A-1


Yeast (Saccharomyces bayanus*), Emulsifier: Sorbitan monostearate

Usage recommendations:

  • For all types of sweet and dry ciders from fresh or concentrated apple juices.
  • Delicate aromatic profile combining fresh (apple) and elaborated fruit (applesauce) notes with a balanced mouthfeel respecting cider structure. Please note that those observations are based on French cider recipe trials.
  • Suitable for difficult fermentation conditions and mixes with sugar syrups.

Technical characteristics:

  • Excellent settlement strength
  • Broad fermentation temperature spectrum: 10-30°C
  • Works at low pH: from 2.9
  • Low nitrogen requirements: from 150ppm of Yeast Available Nitrogen
  • Very good assimilation of fructose
  • Yield sugar/ alcohol: 16.3 g/L for 1% alc./vol.
  • Maximum SO2 level recommended: 70mg/L
  • Minimum turbidity level recommended: 50 NTU


5g into 20-30 Litres (1 sachet)

10 to 20 g/hl for first fermentation

Rehydration procedure:

  • Direct inoculation Pour the yeast on the surface of at least 10 times their weight of must (possibly directly on the top of the tank or during tank filling after clarification). Gently stir to avoid or break clumps. Immediately transfer into the tank via a pumping over with aeration (or homogenize tank volume).
  • With prior rehydration Pour the yeast on the surface of 10 times their weight of tap water at room temperature. Gently stir to avoid or break clumps. Wait for 20 minutes and transfer into the tank via a pumping over with aeration.

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