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Non-toxic Reusable Gel Ice Packs

Gel Ice Packs are created using a water based gel refrigerant which is sealed in a heavy duty 100% Recyclable LDPE strong plastic outer tubing which has been specifically designed for the cold transport, storage and shipping temperature sensitive products.The Gel Ice Packs will effectively keep the contents of containers cool and fresh for longer than ice without the watery mess.

The key benefits of gel ice packs are that they are filled with a high quality non-toxic gel mix, safe with food contact, reusable, cost effective as well as long-lasting.

For Best Yeast Health

If you’re having your liquid yeast shipped to you, we strongly recommend purchasing a Reusable Gel Pack for up to 3-5 liquid yeast packs and selecting Australia Post Express or Fastway Courier to ensure the best viability of your yeast especially during the hotter months.

Regardless of whether you are getting your liquid yeast shipped to you or not, we strongly advise making a starter to test to viability and get the best yeast performance.

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