NZ Mega Motueka™ (Thiol Enriched Hop Pellets)

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2023 NZ Mega Motueka™ 3.6% AA T90 pellets.


As an aroma hop, Motueka has a distinctive fresh crushed citrus ‘mojito’ lime character. Motueka makes excellent dual-use hop carrying an exciting fruit aroma with refreshing notes of tropical fruit and citrus. It can be used at any point during the brewing process and works well in sweet, malty and fruity beers.
Mega Motueka takes Motueka one step farther by enriching the hop with Phantasm powder.

Phantasm is a powder made from Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc grapes. They are incredibly rich in Thiol precursors, which when added correctly to a fermenting beer, can unlock rich, strong tropical fruit aromas.

Suggested yeast strains: WLP077 Tropicale and Aromazyme

Lot Number FH22-77SV-BPT
Characteristics Tropical fruit, lemon, lime,  citrus
Usage Dual Purpose
Alpha Acid 3.6%
Beta Acid 3.5%
Co-Humulone –%
Total Oil — mL/100g
Myrcene –%
Humulene –%
Caryophyllene –%
Farnesene –%
Substitutes Saaz, Saaz (US), Sterling
Style Guide European Ale, English Ale, Dark Lager, Pilsner, Belgian Ales, Lager, Maibock, Ales
Storage Index 0.230 HSI

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Dimensions 10 × 5 × 20 cm


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