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Mosaic INCOGNITO Extract 53.48% AA

INCOGNITO® | Full-spectrum hop extract

Introducing, INCOGNITO® a new advanced hop product from John I. Haas. INCOGNITO® is a 100% all-natural, full-spectrum hop product crafted to deliver highly concentrated flavor while maximizing brewing efficiency and reducing process loss.

  • No vegetative material

  • Flowable at ambient temperature

– Available in Citra™, Ekuanot™, HBC 472, Mosaic™, and Sabro™.

Generally a 1:6 replacement ratio.
Usage is 1g/L Incognito in whirlpool is equivalent to 5.8g/L T90 pellets.
Maximum recommended dose is 2g/L.

Making it easier than ever to brew hop-forward beers. The love of hop-forward beers is driving brewers to use more hops than ever before. The more pellets you use, the more beer you lose in the process. Now there’s INCOGNITO™, an all-natural hop flavor product specifically designed to be used in the whirlpool. It delivers the impactful, variety-specific flavor outcomes brewers want—without the process loss.

Additional Resources:
Haas Incognito Spec Sheet (PDF)
Incognito™ General Description & Application Resource (PDF)
Brewer Q&A with Ross Koenigs from New Belgium

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