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Fermaid O™ is a blend of inactivated yeast fractions rich in organic nitrogen. Fermaid O™ does not contain added ammonia salts (DAP) or micronutrients. The importance of organic nitrogen from yeasts is well known as a highly efficient nutrient source for wine yeasts, especially when compared to inorganic nitrogen from DAP.

In addition, Fermaid O™ consistently produces lower heat of fermentation and lower levels of negative sulfur compounds, compared with DAP. With its high content of organic nitrogen, Fermaid O™ can help winemakers achieve steady fermentations, while limiting temperature peaks.

When inorganic nitrogen (DAP) additions are NOT desired, the use of Go-Ferm or GO-FERM PROTECT and Fermaid O™ is recommended. With this combination, Go-Ferm or GO-FERM PROTECT provides needed micronutrients during yeast rehydration, and Fermaid O™ (when added at 1/3 sugar depletion) supplies critical nutrients and survival factors to help the yeast avoid stressed conditions.

Note: In low nutrient situations, yeast available nitrogen may be insufficient to avoid fermentation problems.

Treatment Rate

Fermaid® O is recommended for low YAN conditions. A 40g/hL (400 ppm) dose of Fermaid® O, 20 g/hL at the end of the lag phase and another 20 g/hL around 1/3 sugar depletion.


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