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No one wants to spend longer then it is needed to brew a beer, so you all have to agree the mill gap is quite important.
Gladfield Malts are consistent in size and are screened on 2.5mm screens which not many maltings around the world do!
New Zeland is famous for its plumpness which helps. If you brew with Gladfield Malts you will see consistency in grain size, if you lock your mill to the ultimum gap size you don’t need to alter from brew to brew.
The optimum mill gap for Gladfield Malt is 1.45 mm to reflect the malts plumpness and assure you never have any issues with runoffs or stuck mashes.
You may see better results with a finer or courser mill setting depending on you own setup.
It is also recommended that when milling Gladfield Toffee Malt, it should always be crushed in conjunction with your other malts because of its higher moisture content.

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