Deltazyme XYL (Xylanase)

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Deltazyme XYL is a purified food grade enzyme derived from Trichoderma and Penicillum. This preparation is particularly suited for adjunct brewing with wheat flour because, in addition to containing cellulase activity, it also has a high xylanase (pentosanase) activity.

Use of Deltazyme XYL in the mash-tun when wheat flour is used as an adjunct will result in hydrolysis of wheat derived pentosans and gums, a reduction on wort viscosity and an increase in the rate of run-off. Additional benefits from the use of DELTAZYME XYL will be an improvement in extract and the elimination of haze problems in the final beer.

Dosage Rate:
The recommended dose rate for Deltazyme XYL is 0.1-0.3gm / kg of malt directly to the mash.

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