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Brewtan® B is a premium, high molecular weight food grade hydrolysable tannic acid specially purified for brewing applications. This grade is specifically designed for early stage stabilisation of beer during mash-in or boiling. A pure, 100 % natural extract derived from renewable plant materials, it contains no preservatives or additives.

Typical Usage: 1.5 grams per 23 lt batch at mash in and 1.5 grams per 23 lt batch at 5 minutes from end of boil.

Due to its strong reducing power and its inhibiting properties against aldehyde formation Brewtan B can be added at mashing-in to improve flavour stability. When used at mashing-in a remarkable improvement of lautering performance can be achieved, with improved brewhouse yields and higher extraction quality.

By using Brewtan B at boiling haze forming proteins are selectively removed already early on in the brewing process and final colloidal stability is significantly improved. Use at this stage of the process also has a marked positive effect on whirlpool yields, shortens maturation times and provides longer filter runtimes.


Brewtan B is typically added as a 5 – 10 % solution.

Mashing in: Brewtan B is added in the mashing water before the addition of the malt, typical dosage levels are 2 – 6 g/hl.

Boiling: Brewtan B is added max. 5 min before the end of the boiling process or during the transfer to the whirlpool, typical dosage levels are 2 – 6 g/hl.

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