Black Forest Chocolate Cake Stout – All Grain

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Lallemand Nottingham Ale 11g

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Our all grain kits are our own tried and tested recipes. Included in the kits are the Grain Bill only, that you can then add Hops and Yeast needed to make 20L of beer. The grain can be pre-milled ready to be used in any BIAB, Grainfather/single vessel or multi vessels system. Feel free to purchase just the grain kit and add your own preference of hops and/or yeast to your order.

Like the tiered gateau, this stout has layers – a complex grain bill sets up the velvety feel like folds of chocolate cake batter; the chocolate, vanilla and lactose additions make it richer than Solomon, and provide the equivalent of creamy dark chocolate ganache coating the outside of the cake; and, finally, the cherries have brought a liqueur-esque resonance that cuts through all and brings a pleasant blush to your cheeks.

Brew up a batch and let us know how you like it!

Black Forrest Chocolate Cake Stout

Sweet Stout

Batch Volume: 23 L
Boil Time: 60 min


Original Gravity: 1.081
Final Gravity: 1.024
IBU (Tinseth): 28
BU/GU: 0.34
Colour: 111 EBC


Temperature — 63 °C — 60 min
Mash Out — 76 °C — 10 min


5.675 kg (67.1%) — Gladfield Ale Malt
847 g (10%) — Blue Lake Maltings Gladfield Rolled Oats (BLM)
500 g (5.9%) — Gladfield Light Chocolate Malt
424 g (5%) — Gladfield Eclipse Wheat
339 g (4%) — Gladfield Medium Crystal Malt
127 g (1.5%) — Gladfield Malt Gladfield Black Forrest Rye Malt
127 g (1.5%) — Gladfield Supernova Malt


424 g (5%) — Milk Sugar (Lactose) (Not included, purchase as required)
150 g — Cadbury Cocoa Powder (Add at flame out) (Not included, purchase as required)
3 kg — Cherries (Add at yeast pitch) (Not included, purchase as required)


20 g (28 IBU) — Columbus (Tomahawk) 15.6% — Boil — 60 min


2 pkg — Lallemant Nottingham Ale


Primary — 18 °C — 12days
Cold Crash — 1 °C — 2 days

Brewfather Recipe


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US Columbus

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Lallemand Nottingham Ale 11g

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