Lallemand VP41 Malolactic Culture 2.5g

Lallemand VP41 Malolactic Culture 2.5g

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VP41™ was isolated in a hot region of Italy region during a European Craft
malolactic bacteria selection project for wine bacteria with unique performance
and winemaking properties. VP41™ stood out as a highly tolerant strain, which
can perform under the most difficult winemaking conditions such as very high
alcohol as well as low pH. It is one of the ML strains very tolerant to SO2. In addition
to it's excellent wine tolerance, VP41™ is recognized for it's sensory contribution
to red berry fruit aroma, it's late and slow degradation of citric acid and very low
production of diacetyl.


  • pH tolerance > 3.1
  • Alcohol tolerance: up to 16 % vol.
  • SO2 tolerance: up to 60 mg/L total SO2
  • T° tolerance > 16°C
  • Low nutrition demand
  • Good implantation
  • MLF Kinetic: Fast
  • Low volatile acidity production
  • Bacteria cinnamyl esterase negative: cannot produce precursors for ethylphenol production by Brettanomyces
  • No production of biogenic amines
  • Co-inoculation recommended

2.5gm sachet is sufficient for up to 500 litres of wine.

We order this product in as required. Please allow a lead time of approx 4-5 days.

    Data Sheet: LALVIN VP41