Biofoam AT (Foam Retention Agent)

Biofoam AT (Foam Retention Agent)

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Biofoam AT is a specially prepared food grade Propylene Glycol Alginate foaming agent for use in the beverage industry.

Biofoam AT is used in the beverage industry as a foam stabiliser. Biofoam AT is a dry powder product and it is recommended to prepare a 2% solution in water for dosing. If this solution is to be used within a day of preparation there is no need to add preservative.

Recommended dose rate is in the range of 30-100 ppm. When Biofoam AT is used in a new application, or changes are made to an existing formula, it should first be tested in the finished product to ensure it is compatible with other ingredients in the formula, as well as the process, and also tested for shelf life stability.

Dosage Rate:

Add 0.5g – 2g per 23l batch of fermented beer. Dose can be added to bottling bucket with priming sugar or into the keg prior to filling.